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Afternoon Tea with Llamas Hosted By Cradle of Forestry

Yes, you read the title correctly. It does say afternoon tea with llamas and in all honesty they had me at the word “llama”. I mean, who doesn’t love llamas? They are such sweet and intelligent animals.

Tea with Llamas

This is the first year our family has been able to attend the Afternoon Tea with Llamas and it’s safe to say that it isn’t our last. Our entire family enjoyed spending the afternoon with and meeting all the llamas from Challenge Adventures, a nonprofit organization that’s experienced in leading hiking and camping adventure programs for youth.

Learn more about Challenge Adventures.

We arrived early so the boys were able to make a llama craft and get to know all the llamas that they would be hiking with. Each llamas has a different personality, and my boys ended up becoming very fond of a llama named Scruggs.Tea with Llamas

Meet the llamas

As we got closer to the time for the hike to start, they started loading the llamas up with lunch/snacks that people brought and the tea, ice and cups that was provided. Our family opted to just carry our lunch since we already had it packed in our day hike bags. Once the llamas were loaded up and had their harness on the Challenge Adventure staff explained the adaptations llamas have that make them good pack animals as well as wonderful trail companions. They also share about the llama’s cooperative social structure.

Let the hike begin…

They did tell everyone that when one llama stops, you do need to alert the other llamas.  My boys thought it was funny that if your llama had to stop and potty, you needed to yell back, “llama potty stop.”  As luck would have it,  Scruggs (the llama my boys fell in love with) was the llama that headed up the end of the line. Since the boys were talking and petting Scruggs, they had the opportunity to be the first to lead.Tea with Llamas

The hike takes place on the easy 2.2 mile round trip Discovery trail. Since this is a short hike, every so often the line would stop so that all the kids could have the opportunity to lead the llama if they wanted.  

Tea with Llamas

Once the hike reached the Forest Festival trail we stopped for a quick lunch and enjoyed a cup of ice cold tea.  After we finished lunch, our family continued on the trail and enjoyed the wonderful stops along the way.

Tea with Llamas

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Additional Information

Admission to the Cradle of Foresty is $5.00 for adults and ages 15 and under admitted free. The Golden Age, Golden Access, and America the Beautiful passes are honored.

The Cradle of Forestry
11250 Pisgah Highway
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

Tea with Llamas

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