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Next Stop: Boone, North Carolina

You want to do what? This weekend? Peak leaf season in the Western North Carolina mountains?

Yes, those were my words when my husband suggested that we head out on a three-day weekend adventure with the kids. The weather is quickly cooling off in the mountains and before long we know it’s going to be to chilly sleeping in the bus at night.  So without hesitation, we loaded up the bus and headed out. linncove

So where are we heading? We have been wanting to take the boys up to the Boone/Blowing Rock area for awhile now to spend a few days. If I’m being honest, we all know that a few days isn’t enough time to even crack the surface in that area if you love the outdoors (which we do).  The weather can change quick there, so let’s hoping that the weather channel is correct in what it’s currently showing.  To play is safe, I have included a few cooler weather clothing items.

After researching in the bus like a mad woman (because that’s what I do), we discovered that there was a campground nestled on the Blue Ridge Parkway just a few miles from Blowing Rock and Boone called Julian Price Campground. While this campground was in the ideal location, we had no idea what to expect upon our arrival.  Anyone that travels often and visits campgrounds know that there are some campgrounds that just make you go “hmmmm”, and wonder how they could ever be called a campground.  We’ve stayed at our fair share, so I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous heading to a site unseen. Ultimately though, isn’t this why we travel? Isn’t this why we jump in the bus and head to who knows where? It’ really about experiencing life and making memories as a family?

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Arriving at Julian Price Campground

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