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A Day of Fun at the Hands On! Children’s Museum in Hendersonville

Everyone gets a special day when their birthday rolls around, and it was Luke’s turn last week to plan out the day. He had a list of things he wanted to do, but finally narrowed it down. The first stop of his day would be the Hands On! Children’s Museum in Hendersonville, NC.Hands On! Children's Museum

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Hands On! Children’s Museum

The children’s museum is located in charming downtown Hendersonville, North Carolina. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll understand why we were a tad worried about being able to find parking for the bus. After driving around for awhile, we finally found a spot to park. The Hands On! site was a wonderful help in finding parking that would work for our bus.

While this all-in-one level children’s museum is designed with ages up to ten in mind, don’t let that deter you. Parents and older siblings will still find plenty of fun things to do, like LEGO race car ramps, building and more!

Hands On! Children’s Museum Exhibits

There are tons of exhibits to see at this children’s museum. We spent around three hours there, and the kids could have stayed even longer. Like most, they had their favorite exhibits which are:

Vet Hospital

Both of the boys had so much at this exhibit. I’m pretty sure we spent around 30 minutes here bathing and taking care of sick dogs and cats. They were able to look at x-rays, wrap up hurt legs and so much more!Hands On! Children's Museum

Kilwins Ice Cream Shop

Kilwins Ice Cream is a mini version of the real one that can be found in town. This area seemed to be on the top of the list for not only my boys, but for all the kids. This was one busy ice cream shop for sure! The kids could take orders, build their creations, and serve customers. Luke was particularly fond of this area. Hands On! Children's Museum

Grocery Store

So fun! This area is fully stocked with fruits, veggies, and other items found throughout the supermarket. They also have shopping and hand carts, and the “workers” can wear aprons. Like most kids, mine tend to migrate towards the scanner and register. For some reason, that’s the highlight of their “shopping” experience.Hands On! Museum


This was an area that Davis could have stayed at the entire time. It was his second favorite area after the building. He had so much fun designing his car in different ways to see what worked the best. Hands On! Children's Museum

Building Area

Hands down this was top on the list when I asked my ten year old what he enjoyed most. He enjoyed building creations using the Rigamajig building kit. Hands On! Children's Museum

Art Area

This area was one of the last area’s that we visited and the boys loved it! This area is filled with play dough play, bubbles, rice tables, painting and so much more! They both had to paint a masterpiece to bring home with them.Hands On! Children's Museum

Additional exhibits are the:

• Music Room
• Hands On! Mountain
• Costume and Puppet Theater
• Which Came First
• Baby Place
• Mail room

Things to know when visiting

The cost is a bargain! It’s $5 a person to get in. Once you get your sticker, you can leave and come back through the day. This is a wonderful option since kids will want to spend almost the entire day there!

At the front desk, be sure to get a scavenger hunt paper. This encourages the children to explore and take in all the museum has to offer. Once they complete their scavenger hunt, they can turn it in for a small prize.

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