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Grandad’s Apples N’ Such | Hendersonville, NC

This weekend our family loaded up and headed to Grandad’s Apples N’ Such located in beautiful Hendersonville, NC. We loved every minute of it and I can definitely see us making this a family tradition.Grandads Apples

First off the kids had to enjoy all the activities at Grandad’s. I loved that there was no entry fee to get into the orchard and that they had free activities for the kiddos. The only activities that cost money was the train ride, jump pad and corn maze. The jump pad and the train ride were $4 per child. I think the corn maze was that price as well, but I can’t say for sure. 

Fun activities for the entire family

We arrived later in the day and decided to pass on the jump pad because it was just too hot that day, but the kids had so much fun with the other activities.Grandads Apples

The hay maze while looked easy, really made you think. There was no left turns allowed, which means you need to think ahead.Grandads Apples

Next up was the Spider Web. I’m pretty sure my boys would have stayed here all day. Let’s just say we went back to this activity a few times.Grandads Apples

Swinging pipeGrandads Apples

and lets not forget the hay bails. This was a hands down favorite with my boys. They climbed and crawled around on the area for forever.Grandads Apples

Once they had all the fun to be had in the play area, they decided to take a ride on the most adorable little cow train ride I have ever laid eyes on. Since I didn’t want to take a cart from a child, and well both my kiddos are big enough to ride alone my oldest took the action cam along to show me what there was to see (it’s in the below video).Grandads Apples

Apples, apples & more apples

After the train ride, the boys ran over to the apples. We started to pick them ourselves (which is my favorite), but by that time the boys were getting tired and ready to go home. However, they had an amazing selection of apples to pick from and they are DELICIOUS! We came home with bags of Winecrisp, Rusty Gold and Shuzuka, all sweet and juicy.Grandads Apples

After the apples, we did head over to check out all the pumpkins. They had a wide selection of different sizes to pick from and the prices were fantastic. While we didn’t pick up pumpkins that day, we do plan on going back and picking up a few. So far those are the best shaped pumpkins that we have stumbled upon this year.Grandads Apples

If all the above wasn’t enough already, they also have a bakery that is full of wonderfully delicious baked goods. They have everything from ice cream, to bread and even pastries. FYI..Their apple pies were wonderful! You can even grab a bottle of hard cider to enjoy.Grandads Apples

If you are looking for a wonderful place to take the family this fall, this is a must-visit. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

A glance at Grandad’s Apples

Grandad’s Apples

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