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Top Things To Do While Visiting Edisto Island, SC

Edisto Beach is what I like to call I consider a well-kept secret and an amazing vacation destination. Here are our Top Things To Do While Visiting Edisto Island, SC.Top Things To Do While Visiting Edisto Beach, SC
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Top Things To Do While Visiting Edisto Island, SC

Edisto Beach is what I like to call I consider a well-kept secret and an amazing vacation destination. If you like the big city, or a lot of commercial-style entertainment then this isn’t the place for you. If you’re more about taking it easy, dipping your toes in the water, and building a sandcastle on a beach that isn’t ridiculously crowded, then it’s the place for you! It’s hard to beat being ocean front one minute, being on the sound the next. Having the opportunity to peer over the beautiful saltwater marshes and enjoying the exquisite Spanish moss that hands along the roads. I hope you enjoy our list of top things to do while visiting Edisto Island, SC.

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Take A Relaxing Walk Along the Beach

Part of the experience of visiting Edisto Island is just relaxing on the beach.  This is such a wonderful destination for families.  With the beach never over-crowded, the kids have room to play.  

Edisto Beach, SC

We love wrapping up taking a long walk down the beach, and enjoying the sunset on the sound. edisto sunset

King’s Market

King’s Market is always our first stop when visiting Edisto Island. Packed full of locally grown produce, fresh eggs, jams, jellies. You’ll also find pre-made meals and desserts that help make your stay on Edisto even more relaxing.  King's Market Edisto

Botany Bay

Botany Bay Plantation is a place that our family highly recommends as a must-see to anyone that’s visiting the Edisto area. Our family has been enjoying Botany Bay for many years, and it never gets tiring. The dirt road heading to Botany Bay is lined with majestic live oaks. You’ll often see deer and a variety of birds on the drive. Upon entering, be sure to pick up a map at the wooden kiosk so you’ll know where to go for the driving historical tour.Botany Bay
Our kids love playing on the beach and checking out all the different shells. When they find the perfect conch shell, it’s a must to hang it on a nearby tree. Just remember, that you can’t remove shells from the beach. Botany Bay reopened in July 2017, but closed due to damage from the hurricane in September for the remainder of 2017.  I would recommend calling to check on the current status.Botany Bay

On your way to Botany Bay, be sure to notice the Mystery Tree. It changes depending on the season.Edisto Mystery Tree


whaley'sYou may be scratching your head with this one. It isn’t actually a must-see, but definitely a must-eat. Edisto has a variety of wonderful restaurants,  but Whaley’s is at the top of our list. I’m pretty sure that Ryan dreams about Whaley’s, and is always the first, second, maybe third place we eat while staying on the island. Seriously, this is some of the best food on the island, and we highly recommend the scallops.  While I didn’t get a picture of the scallops (chances are Ryan ate them before I could snag one.) I did manage to get a picture of the steam pot that our boys get every time and share. This is hands down one of their favorites.whaley's steam pot

Edisto SerpentariumTop Things To Do While Visiting Edisto Island, SC

The Serpentarium at Edisto Island is the first true Serpentarium in South Carolina. This is definitely worth a visit while in town. The kids had a lot of fun during our visit.

Arts & Crafts Market

If you’re visiting anytime from May thru October, I encourage you to be sure to stop and check out the Arts & Crafts Market that happens every Wednesday.  We love going to this annually and continuing to add to our collections from the local artists.  Their is such a variety of items to be found there.  Photographs, paintings, pottery, canned good…the list goes on.  There’s one local vendor there that our boys insist on purchasing a painting from every year to add to their collection.  

Edisto Beach State Park

I can’t say enough amazing things about Edisto Beach State Park. They have wonderful educational activities for the entire family. They also offer camping and many biking/walking trails as well.  If you do decide to camp there, the campground area is very nice. We love riding bikes on the trails, but be sure to bring bug spray.  Edisto State Park

Ride Bikes

If your family loves riding bikes, then this is the place to visit.  We start letting them out of the bike trailer and riding along with us around the 6, depending on the child.  In the past nine years we’ve went to Edisto, we’ve never had any problems with drivers trying to run you off the road like in most other areas. We teach our kids to respect the road, and they understand to stay in the bike lanes or to get close to the shoulder should their not be a bike lane. The great thing about Edisto, is there is a bike/walking path that you can go pretty much around the island on.  Keep in mind though that the side roads don’t offer bike paths. Riding Bikes on Edisto

Flowers Seafoodflowers seafood

After a long day at the beach, sometimes it’s nice just to hang out and cook in.  We have been going to Flowers Seafood for the past 9 years and have always been pleased with the freshness and prices of their seafood. Not only is the seafood great, but everyone is always so nice! A few years ago, they added a food truck. We’ve enjoyed food from there a few times and have to say that it’s pretty amazing as well. So whether you’re looking to eat in, or grab and go a quick bite. We highly recommend Flowers Seafood.


The kids always enjoying spending a little time fishing while on Edisto. Licenses can be obtained online. You can learn more about it HERE.Fishing on Edisto Beach, SC


Botany Bay Ecotours offer a variety of public and private tours for all ages. Prices vary depending on the tour. Public tours start on averate of $53 for adults, while private are much higher.

Things to know while visiting Edisto Island, SC

• We always bring our bikes everywhere we go, however, on Edisto you do have the option to rent your bikes and even bike trailer if needed.
• Bring plenty of bug spray. Depending on the time of year you choose to visit this quaint little island, bug spray is a MUST. From bike riding to enjoying the sunset, mosquitoes are everywhere.
• When visiting Botany Bay, it’s always good to check ahead of time to see if they are open or if it’s close due to hunting. Top Things To Do When Visiting Edisto Beach SC

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  • Yes – Botany Bay was a surprise favorite for us, too! What an amazing quantity of conch shells. We’ll have to check out the serpentarium next time we go.


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