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Who doesn’t want to slide the city, right? Seriously, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but the minute my eight year caught a glimpse of an ad, I had a feeling that I would be.  Sure enough, this weekend while we were camping in Chattanooga we slid the city and had a blast. This was a very well put on event, and very family friendly.  Everyone was extremely nice and helpful.

Slide the city

We had the unlimited slider tickets which meant we could get there an hour before the crowd to slide and stay an hour after it closed to enjoy it.  I didn’t plan accordingly and got us there too late to enjoy an hour prior but none the less we had a blast.

If you aren’t familiar with Slide the City, it’s basically a 1000 feet of slick vinyl to covers the city streets. You can wear your swimsuit or comfy clothes, but remember you will be getting wet. There are three lines you can go through. There is a solo lane, a group lane and a family lane. We chose the family lane since we had our youngest with us, but it was a slow moving lane. By the time we got up to our turn we realized why our lane was going so slow. Something was up with the slide and they were having a few issues in the family lane. Instead of having us wait for them to fix it, they started slowly moving us over to the group lane.slidecity1

My youngest was all up for going down the slide just like his big brother. He had his hat, his float, mouth guard and ready to hit the slide. Then it happened….we go to be third back in line to slide and the fear set in…he was crying that he was not going to go down the slide. However, me being the nurturing mother I am, insured him that once we got started he would have a blast. You could say I was wrong…

So here we are.. up for the slide. One crying he wasn’t going and one was over the moon excited.  I’m thinking to myself that these guys that are working the top are going to be beyond frustrated with us since they have been in the 90 degrees heat all day, but I was so wrong.

Originally I was gonna send little L down with my husband and while we were figuring out, we looked and noticed that our eight year old had belly flopped on his tube and was gone. Talk about not wanting to deal with the nonsense of it all. That kid was ready to go and nothing was gonna stop him! After we realized he had taken off, my husband jumped on his tube to try to catch up.


This left L and myself at the top. The guy was so nice and patient. He helped me figure out the best way to get my crying child on the slide and told me he would give me an extra 2 minutes before he sent anyone down behind us. That would give me time to get myself and the little one out of the way. So he helped us get on and gave us a HUGE push..we went flying down the slide and the entire time L informed me that he didn’t want to slide. Operation get him on and he will love it…FAILED!

Ok, so the end result was… My husband, D and myself had a blast and would do it again at the drop of a hat.  L on the other hand was not a fan and refused to go down anymore that day.  However, I did make it up to him and gave him….a milkshake of course!


If this looks like something you and your family would enjoy, you can go here to find a location and date near you! There are many different ticket options as well, but personally I really liked our unlimited slide tickets.


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