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Fields of the Woods – Worlds Largest Ten Commandments

While in Murphy, NC recently our family decided to stop by to see the worlds largest Ten Commandments located at Fields of the Woods. Fields of the Woods is a biblical theme park encompassing more than two hundred acres of valleys, streams, mountains and wooded area.Fields of the Woodsq

Fields of the Woods

Built in 1945, Fields of the Woods, located in Murphy, North Carolina has what’s considered the worlds largest ten commandments. I remember visiting there a couple times as a child. Oh how I loved climbing the steps to get to the top where the Bible stands.

With the weather warming up a tad, we decided to make a last minute stop so they could experience it as well. It has changed over the years from what I remember it being, but it’s still an amazing place.

Fields of the Woods is home to the largest Ten Commandments and is a must see Bible Theme Park in North Carolina.Click To Tweet

Our visit was through the week, so we were basically the only car in the parking lot. We weren’t able to go through and experience all Fields of the Woods had to offer due to the weather taking a sudden turn. However, it is on my list to revisit.

While we were there, the first thing we did was climb the 358 steps to the 30-foot marble Bible. Davis was the first to reach the top.Fields of the Woods

If you’re unable to walk to the steps to the top, there’s a road to the right of the Ten Commandments. You can follow that to the top. There’s plenty of parking that can be found behind the Bible.Fields of the Woods

Also, in that area, you’ll find picnic tables if you bring a lunch to enjoy. We originally brought our lunch, but the weather took a turn for the worse so we were unable to have a picnic that day.

All Nations Cross

While at the top taking in the beauty of the mountains, be sure to continue a drive up Burger Mountain. You’ll soon come to the All Nations Cross. This is symbolic of the cross in Christ, and one of the largest of its kind in the world.All Nations Cross at Fields of the Woods

It’s 150-feet long and 150-feet wide. With only 86 flag poless and the Church of God of Prophecy being an active ministry in 140 nations around the world, they do have to rotate the flags out. So keep that in mine when during your visit.

Hiking Trail

If you like adventure, be sure to make time to hike the Old Timers Trails. You can start this path either behind the Cafe and Gift Shop, or start at the top where the All Nations Cross is. Once you reach a clearing, you’ll find two additional trails that connect to the Old Timers Trail. Beautiful a hike, but not as strenuous as the main trail.

Prayer Mountain

Fields of the Woods

Facing the Ten Commandments, you’ll find what’s called Prayer Mountain. Along the 321 steps to the top, you’ll find 29 tables that contains teachings. This is such a neat area, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy this spot. Kids seem to always been in a race to get to the top of the stairs, so we did have to rush and read some of the tablets, just so they could get to the top.

Garden TombFields of the Woods Garden Tomb

To the right of the Baptismal Pool, you’ll find a replica of the Garden Tomb. The significance of the tomb is not that Jesus was buried there, but a reminder that He was resurrected.

Golgotha HillFields of the woods

To the right of the Garden Tomb is a replica of Golgotha Hill with representation of the three crosses used at the crucifixion of Jesus and the two thieves who died on either side of Him.

Things to know when visiting

• Give yourself at least 2 hours to take in this Bible theme park. Even more if you decide to go on the hiking trail
• Parking is free and in addition to regular parking, they do offer RV and bus parking
• Admission is free to get into the park, but you can leave a donation in the donation box that can be found on the park grounds.
• They are open daily from sunrise to sunset.

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