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Dry Falls | Highlands, North Carolina

It’s not every day we can say that we have walked behind a waterfall and stayed dry.On our recent visit to Highlands, North Carolina we did just that by stopping and enjoying a short hike down to Dry Falls.dry falls
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Dry Falls, Highlands, North Carolina

This wasn’t our first visit to Dry Falls as it’s a very popular waterfall, and it won’t be our last. This beautiful 75-foot tall waterfall is located just outside Highlands. When visiting Dry Falls you have a an opportunity to walk behind the falls safely and for the most part stay dry. The staying dry part is going to depend on how much rain the area has had.

We got a little damp during our visit last night, but the area has had a good amount of rain over the past week. This was a time where you couldn’t see the walkway behind the falls, but was such an amazing site to see. The falls colors were starting to fade, but that doesn’t take away the beauty of this fall.dry falls

One thing that I love about this waterfall is that everyone can enjoy it’s beauty. It offers a fully accessible observation area beside the parking lot for anyone that is unable to make the hike down to the falls. The view from the observation deck is just as stunning as the closer view of the falls.


For those that are able to make the short walk down to the falls, that’s where you get the amazing opportunity to walk behind the fall. While the walkway is paved, it is at an incline and includes steps throughout.dry falls
Dry Falls definitely ranks up there in one of my favorite waterfalls.

Things to know when visiting Dry Falls

Dry falls has a paved parking lot with ample parking for viewing. It also offers pit toilets and a picnic table. It’s a short hike down to the falls, but it also offers an elevated viewing platform adjacent to the parking area. GPS Coordinates: 35.0681° N, 83.2388° W

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