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Cherokee County Historical Museum | Murphy, North Carolina

This past week, while schools were out for spring break, we decided to head out on a few fun day trips. One of the places we decided to visit was a small town museum, Cherokee County Historical Museum.

This little museum in downtown Murphy is packed with interesting history of the local area as well as the Trail of Tears and the Cherokee Indians. Cherokee County Historical MuseumUpon entering the museum, we were greeted by a lady named Wanda. She is a native of Cherokee County, and has worked at the museum for many years. She offered us a ton of local history, and took us on the tour of the museum, which was very much appreciated. Cherokee County Historical MuseumOnce she was finished telling us about all the different things that can be found throughout, we went back through and took more time looking at what was our favorites.
The museum is filled with antiques, an huge doll collection and an impressive Indian collection.Cherokee County Historical Museum

On the lower level of the museum, you’ll find even more to see. The stone statue in the picture below was very interesting. The statue stands around four feet high and has been carved from one soft soapstone boulder. We were told that the surface of the statue was apparently pockmarked by acidic soil from being buried for many years. You can visit HERE to read more on the statue.Cherokee County Historical Museum

Our visit took us around 2 hrs, and I still feel like we could have stayed longer just looking at all the different things.

Who should visit the museum:

Anyone wanting to learn about the local history of Cherokee County, NC. It’s a wonderful visit for both kids and adults.

$3 for adults and $1 for children to enter the museum

87 Peachtree St
Murphy, NC 28906
Visit HERE for more information.

87 Peachtree St

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