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10th Annual Clay County Tractor Parade | Hayesville, NC

This past weekend, our family visited the 10th Annual Clay County Tractor Parade.  Some may be wondering why anyone would want to see a parade of tractors, but honestly it’s always tons of fun seeing all the different tractors that are entered.  Once the parade ends, you can stroll through the tractors and even vote for your favorite one.Clay County Tractor Parade

While this event is named “tractor parade,” it isn’t just about tractors.  The local NC Extension office has a lot of activities for the kids.  You’ll also find delicious food, live music and livestock to enjoy.

Clay County Tractor Parade

This year, we enjoyed the tractor simulator as always. The kiddos (and adults) can get into the tractor and learn about harvesting different types of crops.  This year, the boys decided that they were going to harvest hay and cotton.img_2076

The Soil and Water extension had a pretty awesome area set up and they let the kids make a “dirty” salad.  Before they made the salad, they explained the different layers which allowed the kids to walk away with not only a tasty and healthy snack, but knowledge as well.img_2062

The local 4-H was set up as well with the livestock. Livestock is always a hit with my kids.  A couple years ago, Davis actually had chickens for sale in the livestock area.  I still remember the day of him gathering them to sell.  It was a hard decision for him to decide which “girls” he was going to take to auction, and I’m pretty sure he had the fattest chickens there.  What can I say? We love our girls.  

This year, there were a couple of goats (which are always a hit), calves, a horse, bunny, and a donkey.  Once again, yes all this is set up around the square.  It isn’t every day that you see farm animals on the square in the middle of the town, but that’s the amazing part of small town living.

For the kids they had pumpkin carving set up which was pretty awesome, they had obstacles courses and so much more.  It’s just a great way to relax and enjoy the day!img_2068

Also, at the end of the tractor parade, they have a drawing for someone to win a tractor.  This year, the tractor that was up for raffle was a 1952 Ford 8n tractor!

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